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The verdant town, as Aš is referred to due to its multitude of parks and forest in the vicinity, has almost 13,000 inhabitants. The first written document about this westernmost town in Czech Republic is from the year 1232. In 1872 Aš was granted town privileges. Due to its geographical proximity, the town’s history is closely connected to Germany. Parts of Aš were even closed by the government for a while shortly after the war as a border area under a foreign regime. German occupation, the Second World War and the subsequent communist regime have all had on Aš, once a thriving town, rather sinister consequences. Not only did the population significantly decline, and textile production founder, but also during 20 years after the end of Second World War many houses, including the historical part of the town, were demolished. Thereafter new construction began, thanks to which Aš became a modern town with high potential for further development.

For this reason, this is the very location where the BCD Group is to implement this ambitious project, which will extend over more than 70 hectares and attract new investors and new inhabitants, as well as boost tourism in the whole region. Likewise, new job opportunities will be created in various fields, which as a consequence of, for example, decline in the textile industry in the past are currently lacking.

While in the implementation phase these will be mostly for engineering professions, after each of the construction stages are finished, for instance, service workers, IT technicians and light industry workers will also find employment here. There will also be a demand for highly skilled workers from medicine and science fields. Thanks to this project and long-term systematic work from the representatives of Aš, the town has a chance to become a prosperous strategically important centre, where economic and social life will be concentrated in the near future.

Its location on the south-western edge of Aš, where the project will be situated, is defined by the area around Krajkářská street and the former dye house, where it continues south-westerly towards road no. I/64 and then bends south-easterly along the railroad from Aš to Selb towards U Obchvatu which lies south of Geipel park. Eastward from this area, a natural plane of green extends as far as Geipel park. It divides the area at U Obchvatu from the area Za Nádražím, where the project will also be placed. The area defined by the street Za Nádražím lies between the train station (train station Aš-město) and the town’s ring road (I/61).

The location is characterized foremost by its great transportation access. The proximity of the border crossing, close connection to the town’s ring road in the south-west, to Okružní street in the north-east and to the train station Aš-město allowing easy transport connection to key routes leading not only further into the Czech Republic, but also to Germany in the other direction. The so far unused railway running around the project area is planned to be put in operation. It will not only be used as an important commercial connection, but also will be appreciated by tourists, who by getting off at Aš train station, will be able to continue on numerous cycle routes. These have been recently built by the town in its efforts to contribute to development of the whole region. Among other enterprises highly appreciated by local people, we should also mention the ski slope. A project of a new border crossing is also in preparation.


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